About ...

The Fruit Salad Experience began in 1996 with a vision to open a produce store in Trenton, New Jersey. My first thought was to create fresh fruit and vegetable gift baskets. But as I began to raise capital for a store for people to come shop, I packaged some fruit salads to sell at the city’s downtown Heritage Days Festival celebrating the community’s food and ethnic cultures. The next day, God spoke to me to go out to hit the streets to sell the remaining fruit. Within minutes, all the fruit salads were sold. In that instance, I started to focus on delivering fruit salads to devoted customers during the summer season. Believe me, only God could come up with this idea as it’s not like I grew up ever thinking I would have loyal customers calling me the “Fruit Salad Lady!”

After that day, I began a summertime daily routine of hand picking, test tasting and bringing home the best tasting fruit that the market had to offer that day. But during the cold winters, my customers would always look forward to the Fruit Salad Experience. And now coming up on my 20th season, God has spoken to me again – It’s time to bring the Fruit Salad Experience to the world.

Once you try one, I am sure that you will be craving for another!


When I feel it is time for winter to be over and patiently waiting for Spring to be done. Then I know that it’s Summer and it’s time for the Amazing Fruits Salads to appear. Yes, people may wonder why I don’t make my own fruit salad at home. Why when you have someone who takes the time to choose the perfect combo of fresh fruit of all colors and natural sweetness. So, everyone get grand and eat one of her amazing fruit salads.

  Ms. Tiana Green