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Pick Your Fruit Salad

Melon Delight
A mixture of specialty melons Crenshaw, Canary, Orange Flesh, Watermelon Honey dew and Cantaloupe, all melons are not used at the same time but, these are the different varieties that we will have through– out the summer.

Pineapple Mix
Del Monte Pineapple at the base of the fruit salad and then your White or yellow flesh nectarines or peaches, strawberries, grapes which could be black, green, or red, and cherries.

Sweet watermelon, pluots, plums, nectarines or peaches which ever ones are the sweetest for that week, mango, grapes and cherries.

Party Tray
A Party Tray consists of all the fruit that we have on hand for that week. So, it’s your opportunity to have a little taste of heaven in each bite.

All Fruit Salads comes in one size a 6x6x4 container which contains 3lbs of delectable fruit. They are daily packaged fresh and shipped to you protected by bubble wrapped in an inslulated box to keep them cool during transit.

Fruit Salads, "It’s Not a Long Season But, It’s a Delectable Time Of Year!"

Daily, we use the freshest and best tasting fruit on the market such as Del Monte Golden Delicious Pineapples, Washington State Rainer Cherries, or the Family Tree Farms variety of white nectarines and white peaches.

The Fruit Salad Experience also brings you unusual tantalizing produce. For instance, have you ever tried a Pluot or Plumcot? These hybrids of plum and apricot are both delicious!

The California grapes we use come in so many different varieties. But our customers particularly love the Grapery Company’s unique Moon Drop, a black grape with a distinct taste. Other grapes plentiful in our salads are the Sun World Company’s superior green grape that is large, juicy, and sweet as well as the Guimarra Farm’s wide selection of flavorsome red grapes.

Last, but far from least, are the melons. A lot of my customers ask me, “What is the best fruit salad?” They are surprised when I tell them in my opinion that it’s our melon salad. Some of my favorite fruits we use are from the Peacock Brand: the Crenshaw, Orange Flesh, Juan Canary and the Persian creating a delicious mix of textures and tastes. The Fruit Salad Experience – I promise you will enjoy the adventure!