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Mission & Vision

Face The World will empower, build, and sustain the effected community via social change agents and selective partnering.

We aim to EMPOWER, BUILD, and SUSTAIN the solutions to the issues we pursue. This mission stems from a vision that FTW will work to make change as necessary within the communities we serve. The #1 principle for Face the World is simple, "Tell us about your world, and we’ll do our best to help you face it."

The Founder

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Stephen J. Robertson, better known as Stevie, was created and raised in Philadelphia PA. Stevie was afforded a dynamic up bringing between the hustle mentality of North Philly and the loyalty of his Germantown community. As a young man he was very observant and awfully quiet, earning him the nickname cricket. Even though his parents provided a stable, comfortable, and loving environment, somehow trouble still came his way. One would be tempted to think that tribulation was meant for Stevie, especially from 2011–2013 when Stevie experienced some of the worst trials, tribulations, and tragedies known to a young black male. Today, Stevie still believes that his experiences were meant for him, and that all of the hurt, destruction, and turmoil made for a better salvation in the end.

Stevie’s life is currently lived out between Philadelphia, New York, and the District of Columbia where he commonly performs such duties as an education administrator, motivational speaker, mentor, community activist, and social entrepreneur. Stevie has helped launch several community based ventures, performed advisory duties for educational institutions, and lead community service organizations in endeavors to better society. By way of professional experience as an organizer, daily meditation with God, and the guidance of several mentors Stevie was able to see the world in a bigger picture as oppose to just his own lens. He found that we are all concerned so much with our own worlds that we continuously fail to realize that organized efforts may help us eliminate issues, and limitations. The acceptance of such a realization brought about the conception and subsequent birth of Face the World in January of 2013.

Despite all that Stevie has traversed, he holds on to an ideal belief in the world, and certain grounding principles; Hustle hard, remain Loyal, love yourself, Trust God, Family first, maintain integrity and always protect your mind, time, and grind.

"Principal before personality"
"If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu."

Interesting Fact:
Music is my first Love
The little things matter most to me.