Partnership //


Two hands are better than one!

Face The World is a charity providing a better way of life for our children, parents and the community at large. Support for this non profits initiative(s) will aid in the true empowerment, development and the much needed shift our community needs.

When we come together in partnership, that unity and bond becomes the catalyst for change, its the leading by example concept sparking a morale boost for the community and the city. Collaboration and team work turns this age of disparity, murder, and hatred into positive attitudes, growth, and change.

The more we have the right people, businesses, activists, officials, schools, churches etc. the better the work we can deliver within the community. Great publicity and awareness come from great efforts and theright combination of efforts. We can show a community, city, state, or even a nation what it looks like to be united.


FTW is open to suggested projects and programs

      • Publicity in print and online
      • Invitation to events and presentations
      • Donations of tangible and intangible items