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The Empowerment Initiatives are the catalysts to effective social change. Monthly or even daily there could be a different issue. Therefore FTW operates as a liquid, ever shifting in order to fulfill the needs of the community its people, businesses, and government. We aim to EMPOWER the desire for change BUILD the necessities to make it attainable, and SUSTAIN the positive community shift resulting from previous action. Face The World sparks a new regime of community involved people, looking to develop and influence communal pride development and connectivity. The concept is fairly simple; we all have a world to face, from the recidivist to the free man, civilian to the veteran, the homeless to the billionaire. When we Face these Worlds together, there’s no telling the change that will come!

The Social Change Agents

Community Empowerment

Seminars / Workshops
Community Meetings/ Rallies
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The Imprint Project – TIP

Face the World, leaves an imprint on the next generation of people, communities, businesses, and governments. This will be accomplished via several different mentorship opportunities, the first of which being dedicated to the development of the individuals in our community.

The Society

"Creating a dynasty and making an imprint"

The society is a social organization for the mentorship and life coaching of individuals within the communities served by Face The World. The society offers mentorship and life coaching to individuals trying to achieve in life at any age. The circumstance you face is our concern and we aim to help you navigate those circumstances.

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